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  • this stuff stays in your mind overnight. SAR and Police emphasising the car in the car park assumes that the carpark is secure and the vehicle will still be there I hope they dont stop when the car you said would be there has been used by someone else to get home.
  • Just sat down and read episodes 4 & 5 over my lunch hour. I have to say, madpom, that you did BLOODY WELL. There is no way that I am ging to sit here in front of the warm glow of a computer screen and pass judgement. Really I think the issue with intentions is that you didn't do badly, it is just that you might have done better. I will certainly think about how I do intentions in the future. I would have thought that marking hut books as you go would be quite enough. I guess you have to think that the person in the police who is working from your intentions may not be a tramper so you can't make any assumptions. With this sort of trip you may not even have accurate intentions before you set off. I also felt your frustration in being the only person who actually knows what is going on, ie. where you are and what your injuries are. I recall being injured in a fall on Mt Ruapehu and despite being hurt I was preoccupied with trying to get the correct information out. Then being rescued by helicopter and trying to tell the paramedic exactly what was broken and what wasn't and he wouldn't believe me!!
  • A riveting & very well-written report. Glad you're on the mend...
  • Hi @madpom, I came across your story today while skimming through @izogi's blog. A great read and glad you came through it and are still out there doing your thing. Did you ever find out what happened to you PLB?
  • yeah - on sideboard at home. Someone on this site had been asking about plb models and I'd taken it out to look up model number ... never put it back. not the best place for it.
  • That sux. Thanks for the update
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