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  • The dog looks like it can see the edge from where its standing and this is close enough thankyou very much. all of that stuff looks like it would move without alot of encouragement.
  • I did the decent thing this morning and went to the dawn Anzac service at 6am. In the gloom and rain while we waited for the parade to begin, a fellow tramper, who I did not realise looked at this web site, came up behind me and said.. "I wonder when madpom is going to post episode 4 of his story" The country awaits...
  • Well that was a great read (having just finished part 5). I agree with what pmcke said earlier. It was a much more worthwhile than a cut-down FMC back-country accidents report. Thanks madpom for making all the effort to write down the entire thing in so much detail, and in a way that's going to be very useful for others to read.
  • Incidentally madpom, did you figure out what happened to the EPIRB in the end? Had you left it behind, or do you presume it missing in action?
  • Do we notice an un-willingness to go there. Must say i enjoyed the narrative and appreciate the round up i have reviewed my own planning and intentions list as a result. Thanks
  • I'll be very happy to supply an answer to the EPIRB question when I have it. I can honestly say at this stage that I haven't a clue - which in itself is as damning as it gets. At home, in the van, at Fraser Hut, lost in the fall. Could be any of the above: at no stage did I check for it, whereas it should have been every time I packed, which is all of the first 3 above. I'll not know until I get back down south and look in the van and house - which will have to wait until I'm out of plaster, through physio and have had the non-permanent bits of metalwork removed: 8 weeks at least. Regarding intentions, SAR have promised to send me a template and 'ideal example' for an intentions form, which I'll post here when I get it.
  • A small Chuckle from someone who dosnt carry one at all. The Newzealand Mountain Safety council have an intentions form you can down load that probably does the trick. I went looking this evening after reading your last post.
  • Interesting - no spot for a 'panic date'. I'd have considered that a must.
  • From you discriptions I carnt help feeling that each group who looked at your intentions would have a different opinion of a panic date despite what you advised.
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