Manapouri Circle Track

Track goes through beech forest and along the Manapouri Lake and Waiau River. The track is well marked and cleared in spring by DOC.

There is boat transfer from Pearl Harbour. If you go clockwise, there is a steep climb until you come out at the ridge overlooking Back Valley, then it goes steady down to the intersection that leads to the Hope Arm Hut to the left. This track goes right and along several beaches of the Manapouri Lake, then along the Waiau River back to the boat pier.

Grade Easy/medium
Bookings Not available (first come, first served)
Length 9.1km
Loop track
Time 3 hr 30 min – 4 hr
Altitude 175m – 575m
Altitude change 400m
From Opposite Manapouri Pearl Harbour
ID 6175

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