Mullins Basin hut

A four bunk hut situated in the head basin of Mullins Creek a TL tributary of the Toaroha River. The basin is tucked into the eastern side of the Diedrich Range. The hut is a good base for climbing Mts Ross or O'Connor.

One drawback with the hut is that there is no fire any more. It was removed. A small stove stove would be great. The hut is unlined and gets cold quickly. There is an open fire place outside which is useful for cooking on in good weather.

Access A sign post on the main valley track about 1hr above Cedar Flat indicates where to ford the Toaroha and access the Mullins Basin hut track start. If this ford looks dodgy try upriver as there is a wider less swift place to cross but be warned at times there is no safe crossing of the Toaroha here. Note the track starts at the small creek below Mullins Creek not at Mullins Creek. More detailed route information is available at the Permolat site.
Bookings Not available (first come, first served)
Facilities None
Water supply No water
Mobile phone coverage No coverage
Category Basic Hut/Bivvy
Owner DOC
Sleeps 4
Altitude 870m
ID 5882

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