Campbell biv

A 1950's vintage cullers biv located on a west facing spur of the Campbell Range. From the biv there are good views down the Arahura River and also through the Styx Saddle. This is another seldom walked to Central Westland biv.

Access There are two routes from the Arahura River below Styx Saddle & the choice of which one to take would largely be dependent on whether you are approaching from up or down river. A third Arahura route involves climbing onto the range from upriver of Harman hut, working your way around the tops then dropping down to the biv. More detailed route information is available at the Permolat site.
Bookings Not available (first come, first served)
Facilities None
Water supply No water
Mobile phone coverage No coverage
Category Basic Hut/Bivvy
Owner DOC
Sleeps 2
Altitude 1,110m
ID 5830

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