Cattle Ridge Hut

Cattle Ridge Hut

Cattle Ridge Hut: the outside showing it's age, but still a pleasent tidy hut inside. A peaceful alternative to the very busy Roaring Stag Lodge in the valley below.



  • john dutchie john dutchie Back in the early 1900s there used to be a lot of wild cattle in the area.They were eliminated a good 60,70 years ago.Its quite neat to go to places called Cattle Ridge and Cow Creek, plus the fact its an awesome piece of country.
    1 July 2010
  • stunted stunted was up there last month, it's starting to look a bit worn. It is one of the "minimal maintanence" huts but as long as it doesn't become "unsound and/or unsanitory" it should be around for a while yet....
    1 July 2010
  • bigpaul bigpaul Im assuming at some time that there where wild cattle in this area? The name has always intrigued me.
    27 June 2010
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