Paddy's Pinchgut circuit

Mt Robert carpark to carpark via Paddy Track, Bushline hut, Relax Shelter and Pinchgut track - 4 hours. 575m up and down. Great lake view from Paddys and views of the area from the top.

Pinchgut starts off in mature large beech, then breaks out for open views for a while, until you return into the contorted high altitude beech.  You break out at the Kea shelter, and then it's a gentle lower alpine amble to Relax shelter for some great views. 


Paddy's sidles the hill and you'll make your way up via a steady grade track crossing scree slopes, with ever improving lake views.  Turns into a poled route for the last 3rd up past Bushline Hut

Hut Bushline Hut
Standard Hut (DOC) (sleeps 14)
Facilities: Tap or tank water, Toilet
where you may get to enjoy some shade during summer or shelter during winter.  Follow track and poles to Relax shelter near summit.


You will be in the snow during the colder months up here, which is why this is the way to the Mt Robert ski field.

Grade Easy
Easy, but expect snow during winter. Grades explained
Bookings Not available (first come, first served)
Length 7.5km
Loop track
Time 4 hr
Altitude 850m – 1,425m
Altitude change 575m
From Mt Robert car park
ID 4948

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