Dracophyllum Hut

Dracophyllum Hut (2 bunk, tank water) is a small ridgeline hut situated in cloud-forest (and thus mostly in cloud) on the Tararua main ridge between Arete and Nichols / Anderson's memorial. The hut was replaced a few years ago, but is already coated in a thick layer of mould and mosses: this is damp country. That said, it's got 2 bunks and metresses, and there's wood around, so if you can find some dry stuff a fire outside is not an impossibility.

The main reason to be here is walking the main ridge from Arete to Nichols. This is a beutiful section of ridgeline dipping in and out of cloud-forest on a well marked track. Comments in the hut book also note a rough but possible route crossing the Park River valley to Carkeek Hut from Dracophyllum.

Access Arete Biv: 6.5km, 2.5-5 hours, track/poled route

Nichols Hut (for Waitawaewae and Otaki Forks): 6.5km, 2.5-5 hours, track

(see Tararua Main Ridge for details)

Bookings Not available (first come, first served)
Facilities None
Water supply No water
Mobile phone coverage No coverage
Category Basic Hut/Bivvy
Owner DOC
Sleeps 2
Altitude 1,100m
ID 3964

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