Sharplin Falls

Easy walk in fern forest.

Approx. 2 hours from Chch..Turn off at Staveley. Time for the Sharplin Falls walk is 45 minutes according to the sign. This is each way.

This is an easy walk through some very pretty forest & ferns. There are two possible tracks to take to the falls: both start some 5-10  minutes from the car park.

Route 1: This is the riverbed route, and is the easier of the two, but beware the slippery rocks! There is also the prospect of watching trout in the river.

Route 2: The high route, zigzagging up the hill to converge with the river track some 20 minutes later.

The falls themselves are not  so spectacular, but the gantry you have to walk is not to be missed. I found it quite scary at first.



  • NathanaelB NathanaelB 1.5 hours from Christchurch. The walk took us a lot longer as we stopped frequently to take photos. 3 hours all up. There are a lot of stairs but the track is in good condition except for the one flight of stairs close to the falls that has been smashed by a boulder. Not sure how walking along the riverbed is an option unless you're wearing gumboots and want to slosh through the water for an hour. More info on Sharplin Falls on my photo blog:
    28 March 2011
  • SkiwiHouse Great family walk and is probably more like 1 1/2hours from Christchurch
    6 December 2004
  • walkingkiw A good stop off point if travelling on The inland Senic Route 72 to stretch the legs at Staverly. This track continues as a 13 hr total walk along Woolshed Creek/Mt Somers walkway.
    2 December 2004
  • Taranaki Very basic but informative article. Thanks Keep up the good work on your walks (read your profile)
    5 November 2004
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