Lake Guyon

An easy 2 nighter

Fowlers Pass-Lake Guyon-Maling pass

This trip was undertaken a year or so ago, and rates as an all time goodie. My son and I set out early on a summer's morning, realising that this might be the last time we had to spend quality time together before his departure overseas (courtesy of the army). Arriving at Fowlers Hut early (having been told that you could park your vehicle here) we headed off into a very warm NW up Fowlers Pass. Greeted at the top by a freezing breeze soon took away any goodwill to North Canterbury's summers. The alpine plants up here are amazing. You have to admire their resilience to the 60 mile/hr winds that just about blew us of the ridge! From here, the drop down through the gorge was brilliant and well worth the broken pack strap that crippled me later (damn those stubbies). An easy wander through the valley, broken flats and dodging bulls, we finally arrived at the Lake Guyon Hut.

This lake has very few comparisions as far as beauty, and the fish are in abundance. Overwhelmed by this beautiful place, we set up for the night, then off to check out the wee hill opposite the lake. Having just settled in for the night, we were disturbed by some people in a 4WD, who went to great lengths to tell us that we were not welcome at the hut, as we were on private land and this was a private hut! DOC have it listed as a DOC hut - grade 2 - and I would be interested to hear from people that have similar experiences.

Day 2: left Guyon Hut for an easy walk up the valley, past glacier gully (awesome) and on to Maling Pass. For those that don't know . . . DON'T GO THIS WAY!

Do this trip from Tennyson. It's easier! Not to mention the 10km walk back to your vehicle



  • cinick Wow, am I late on commenting! I just signed up and have read this article. I understood you were allowed to walk over Malings Pass as it is a paper road. Is this not so? Would appreciate anyone helping as I dont want to anger anyone. It is beautiful country through there.
    1 August 2008
  • wolfman wolfman The easiest way to do this trip is via fowlers pass & return the same way,,, or start at Tennyson & exit fowlers pass. This is just my opinion as i,m not the world fitess person :):) P.S Have a close look at your map !
    28 October 2004
  • st02135 Awesome article - thanks. Although, i remain a tad concerned about the last part. If you're not meant to go back to the start via Maling pass, where are you meant to go? A bit of explanation on this front would be awesome.
    24 August 2004
  • Matthew Matthew Thanks wolfman - added your credit. I note the hut is listed on DOC's backcountry huts page under Lake Sumner FP.
    26 July 2004
  • wolfman wolfman Yes, i did write this article,although as i said , this trip was some years ago . I have recently contacted DOC regarding this hut . This IS a doc hut on DOC land.All acess to the hut however is on private land ,so permission must be asked .
    17 July 2004
  • tararua I would be very interested if you contacted DOC regarding Lake Guyon Hut,I think this hut has always been on private land so they may have an update on access from Fowler Pass.It would be a real shame if future access is denied.
    7 July 2004
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