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Day tramp into Sudden valley, Arthurs Pass area. 28th Feb 2007
Day packs only, fine weather, no recent rain.
The track into Devils Chute was straight forward.
There is a gate in the electric fence prior to crossing the Hawdon River.
The gorge, while being an uneven surface, around and over rocky areas presented no problems. A number of stream crossings, below knee depth.
Watch for cairns or orange track markers where the track goes into the bush.
The chute itself is very easy to find. Heading towards Barrier Falls, there is a high, narrow waterfall on your left, and a narrow scree chute on your right. The track climbs up thru the bush to the left of the scree chute. The track is steep, there are no ropes, but no real problems. Our party of 10 managed the climb without difficulty. I must add, that there had been no recent rain to make the track slippery. Descending the track would be another matter. After the steep climb, the track sidels left thru bush to the top of the falls. At the top of the climb, there is a name plaque on a tree, and the scree slope is visable. There is an obvious track descending down to the scree. We took this track onto the scree slope on the return leg, avoiding the very steep descent. Absolutely no problems dropping down the scree chute to Sudden valley Stream. Not a scree for running down and beware of the possibility of sending rocks down onto the people in front


  • Honora Honora Currently as at January, 2010 the Hawdon now runs hard up against steep terrain on the true left so the gate is currently not used and is well above the river! Fortunately one can cross the river braids easily downstream of the fence and then utilise a stile over the electric fence where it runs onto pasture land. The Devils Chute which you climbed up is no longer used as the chunky scree slope downstream of the chute is easy travel. It's good to see you recommend that people don't run down the scree. If they do, they'll chew out the scree and make it eventually degrade by destroying the benching.
    9 March 2014
  • Shrek Shrek This is a good tramp, with not too much hiking time required. The Biv is small but there is space to camp around it I have good memories of this place!
    21 October 2007
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