Maungahuka Hut

The original hut (pictured) has been replaced by a new hut on the same location. Sleeps 12, but has no fireplace / woodburner (there was no wood within a km anyway, so no great loss!). A huge air-vent in the door makes for a draughty night's sleep: bring some newspaper and sellotape!

The original warning still applies: don't get lost going to the toilet - it is at the far end of the tarn (path on right hand side looking out from the hut door).

Access 4 hours from Kime, 4.5 from Anderson Memorial, 3.5 to 4 hours up from Neill Forks Hut.
Bookings Not available (first come, first served)
Facilities Toilet
Water supply Tap or tank water
Mobile phone coverage No coverage
Category Standard Hut
Owner DOC
Sleeps 6
ID 1177

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